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E-Waste Recycling

Reviving tomorrow, Recycling Today

We Are Committed To Paving The Way For A Greener And More Sustainable Future By Tackling One Of The Most Pressing Challenges Of Our Time – Electronic Waste. As A Leading Electronic Waste Recycling Company, We Take Pride In Our Mission To Responsibly Manage E-Waste And Contribute To The Preservation Of Our Environment.

Recycle your old electronics and help protect the environment.

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a growing problem. It contains harmful chemicals that can pollute the environment if it is not disposed of properly. Matongoni makes it easy to recycle e-waste by providing convenient drop-off locations and recycling services.

What is e-waste?

E-waste includes computers, televisions, cell phones, and other electronic devices.

Help Desk?

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Accepted Items:

about the types of electronic.

Environmental Risks:

environmental hazards.

E-Waste accepted items are:

current electronic drop off points:

Cradlestone Mall


Luuipardsvlei Landfill


Magaliesburg Landfill


Krugersdorp Town Hall


Comprehensive E-Waste

Matongoni accepts a wide range of electronic items for recycling. From outdated computers, laptops, and mobile phones to printers, scanners, and televisions, we ensure responsible disposal and recycling of these devices

The Impact of
Smart Device Disposal

As smart devices become increasingly integral to our lives, the issue of e-waste grows more pressing. We emphasize the significance of recycling smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices to curb the environmental repercussions of their rapid obsolescence.

Data Security and Privacy:

Protecting Your Sensitive Data

We understand the importance of data security and privacy. Before recycling any electronic device, we undertake thorough data destruction processes to ensure that your personal or sensitive information remains confidential.

Certified Data Destruction

Matongoni employs industry-standard data destruction methods, including secure wiping and physical destruction of storage media. Our certified procedures ensure that your data is irrecoverable, giving you peace of mind.

Join the E-Waste Solution:

Your Role in E-Waste Recycling

As individuals, businesses, and institutions, we all play a crucial role in tackling the e-waste crisis. By choosing Matongoni for e-waste recycling, you contribute to a more sustainable future, conserve resources, and protect the environment.

E-Waste Partnerships

Businesses can make a substantial impact by partnering with Matongoni for their e-waste recycling needs. Our tailored solutions help you meet sustainability goals, comply with regulations, and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

Schedule a Pickup or Drop-off

Conveniently schedule a pickup for bulk e-waste disposal or drop off your old electronics at our designated collection points. Together, we can make a significant difference in reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste.